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I work as a full-time, professional artist from my studio and gallery in Milford Haven, Pembrokeshire.  When I'm not at home, I'm generally somewhere in the company of fellow artists, sketching and painting. As Pembrokeshire brims with beauty, I don't have to travel far to be inspired: sunsets, stormy skies and even snow, bring magical transformations to our vast sandy beaches, rock formations, cliffs and coves: serving up a lifetime of wonderment for any artist.

Despite a life-long passion for drawing and painting, my first career was spent teaching. While, for many years, I thrived on nurturing the talents of others, it allowed me little scope to run along my own creative path. With this goal in mind, I moved from Cardiff to Tenby in 2003 to set about making my dream a reality. After sculpting and re-sculpting my own existence, along with having the good fortune to be selling the majority of the paintings I was producing, I moved to a building, in Milford Haven in 2011, large enough to provide a good studio space, gallery and home.

My paintings are generally impressionistic in style. I'm not a slave to realism but strive to capture the essence of something; the movement of water, the light on the landscape and the smattering of detail that hurried eyes don't see. I love paint, it's an incredibly versatile medium; it can be sculpted, sprayed, splattered, blown, run and even brushed across a canvas - allowing an artist vast scope to achieve their aim. I'll often use a variety of techniques across the same canvas, in order to best capture the essence of the scene I'm painting.


Anna Waters Studio/Gallery
1 Victory House
Milford Marina
SA73 3AA